The bird feeder in our backyard.

The bird feeder in our backyard.

Dear Bean Bakers,

In the past two weeks, we’ve gotten about three feet of snow: heavy “heart-attack-while-shovelling” snow; light, airy snow; blowing hard snow; flurries snow; you-name-it-Canadian-snow.

I am NOT a snow person. My idea of heaven? No hats, no mitts, no boots, no shovelling, no slipping and sliding, no scraping ice off windshields, etc.

This is why the spouse and I are returning to Tucson, Arizona, for January and February. Tucson isn’t particularly hot at this time of year, but (blessed be) it has no snow.

Plus, we’ll be able to hike in the mountains.

To be honest, I’ve never much liked hiking around Ottawa. The land is generally flat, and I don’t find it thrilling to tramp through yet another green forest with all the usual suspects: fir and maple trees, mosquitoes and black flies, squirrels and sparrows.

Clearly, I’m a desert girl. Give me a hill, a trail, and some cacti, and I’m off and running. The spouse (see photo below) willingly comes along for the ride.

The spouse on a Tucson hike last year.

All of which is to say—I don’t know how much posting I’ll be able to do in the next two months. I have my iPad app for this blog but I’ve never used it to create posts. And the kitchen in our rental is not likely to be as amenities-rich as my own.

So we’ll see and, in the meantime, my best for the New Year to you all.